The Destiny Fine Dining experience is all about elegance, refinement and those finer details that make your guests feel like royalty. Think of a glitzy sit-down gala dinner, a VIP cocktail event or an intimate family dinner in your own home – Destiny Fine Dining will take care of everything. 

We believe in service excellence, so silver service dining with attentive wait-staff is the norm for guest lists from 10 to 2 000 or more, and we won’t limit your menu choices. Our speciality is high-end ethnic menus for dining with an Afrocentric feel, but we’re also experienced in the classics, if that’s what the occasion demands. And we are fully mobile so we can cater from your facility or from ours, or in the comfort of your home. 

So if you’re looking for your event to give your guests that celebrity feel with excellent food and those finer touches that make it memorable, just give us a call, or click here to contact us for an affordable quote.